Item # Desc Price
O-M011-SC Original Manual Chute 5,600
C-M033-SC Prime Manual Chute, Self Catch Headgate 8,750
C-M033-M2-HRG Prime Manual Chute, Gravity Headgate, Horizontal Rolling Gate 10,410
C-M133-SC-ATG Prime XL Manual Chute, Self Catch Headgate 10,750
G-3105 Tall Self Catch HG (65’) 1,200
G-5101 Bolt-Together Palpation Cage – Partially Sheeted 1,500
G-3109-XL Rear Controls For The ‘Gravity’ Manual Headgate – 10’ (XL) Chute 400
X-MHC Manual Head Control Kit 1,800
6100 Wheel Kit For 2016 And Later Pearson Chutes 2,500
7530 Trim Kit – Bolt-on Kit For Adding Trim Bars To A Chute 300

*In Store Purchase Only!!!!*